TESPIS Program

Every July;   One 4-week Session
The complete program consists of five courses and visiting students must register for at least three to participate in the program. The courses will be taught in English and be equivalent in scope and quality to undergraduate offerings at first-world universities. They are: Tropical Forest Resource Management, Tropical Aquatic Ecosystems, Coral Reef Ecosystems, Tropical Agriculture and Food Production, Tropical Wildlife Conservation, and Tropical Environmental Education. The world-renowned reefs of Bunaken National Marine Park are only several kilometers from Manado and the Lembeh Strait is within easy reach. As well, the Tangkoko Nature Reserve, the Bogani Nani Wartabone National Park, and the horticultural and forest areas around Tomohon and Modoinding are close by. These are all outstanding “natural laboratories”. Both local and visiting students will be involved in the program, thus making it very easy for the visitors to be in close contact with Indonesian people, learn about the culture, acquire language skills, etc. Visiting students have the option of “twinning” with a local student throughout the program. If this option is selected, the program administrator will attempt to find a suitable local twin for the visiting student.

The Process

Program Application and Admission Sequence
Travelling to Indonesia and Student Visa
Budget for the Semester

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