O.I.A. Staff

The Office of International Affairs promotes student and staff exchanges, develops new collaboration for training, research, international guest lectures, and visiting teaching professors.   

The OIA has recently created field schools with Simon Frasor University(Vancouver, Canada) and James Cook University(Cairns, Australia).  OIA also aided in the development of international classes to facilitate foreign students in learning about and experiencing this tropical enviroment.  The “Tropical Enviroment Study Program for International Students” known as “TESPIS”, focuses on the island of Sulawesi’s rich natural tropical habitat which is very well known by natural scientists all over the world.   

Whether your looking for a short cross cultural experience, continuing your education/research, or attending a educational conference the OIA office staff will be happy to assist you and make your experience enjoyable.

We’re here to help you succeed and to experience learning in a cross-cultural environment

Dr. Ir. Reiny A. Tumbol, M.Apps.Sc

The Helpful OIA Office Staff

Maya Kukus, MERRY LANGI, Yoost Kowimbin,
Fari Manoppo, Yosua Kalangi, Jovial Mandei
Maya F. Kukus, SE
Merry Langi, ST
Yoost Y. Kowimbin, S.AP
Fari Manoppo, S.AP
Jovial Mandei, SH

Yosua Kalangi, SP