TSPS Courses and Instructors


The courses will each be worth 3 credits. Generally, this means that there will be two 50-minute lectures per week plus, nominally, one 2-hour laboratory period. (Many of the “laboratories” will really be field work in natural settings.) Attendance at all lectures and laboratories is mandatory.

The five courses that will be offered are:

  • ESP 3001 Tropical Forest Resource Management (Johny Tasirin & Wiske Rotinsulu)
  • ESP 3002 Tropical Aquatic Ecosystems (Janny Kusen & Fontje Kaligis)
  • ESP 3003 Coral Reef Ecosystems & Management (Hariyani Sambali & Stephanus Mandagi)
  • ESP 3004 Tropical Agriculture and Food Production (Dan Sembel & Robert Molenaar)
  • ESP 3005 Tropical Wildlife Conservation (Johny Tasirin & Saroyo Sumarto)
  • ESP 3006 Tropical Environmental Education (David Zandvliet)

The courses will be taught at the undergraduate “300-level”. For some of the courses field work will be done in locations away from the campus. All academic fees (tuition, laboratory and field trip fees) are explained further below. Detailed course outlines and instructor profiles are available as separate pdf files that can be viewed and downloaded.