Our Vision

“Towards an Excellent and Cultured University”

A message  from the Rector

“Our vision is to energetically grow and expand “Towards an Excellent and Cultured University”, with a focus on the learning process, research, and dedication to community development and related services

I understand that it is not an easy task for us to maintain, but I strongly believe that by working hard, and by working together, we can bring the university closer to this vision. I also realize that it is important that we work together with other national and international institutions to more efficiently realize this vision; thus, we place a very high value on building up networking and active cooperation with the world’s academic communities.”

Rector, Prof. Dr. Ellen J. Kumaat


The Tropical Environment Studies Program for International Students (TESPIS), is your way to earn college credit while engaging in a full cross cultural experience. Enjoy the incredible natural beauty of North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Get your friends excited and come as a group. Make new friends from around the globe.

Find a study program

Univeristy of Sam Ratulangi has 11 great study programs from the rich and diverse waters available for the Marine Science program, the medical facutly’s partnership with northern Sulawesi’s largest teaching hospital, or the lush agricultrual surroundings that support the Faculty of Agriculture and Faculty of Animal Science. Click below and start learning more about your future at UNSRAT.

Around Manado

Manadonese food is famous throughout Indonesia for its use of spices, and can frequently be quite hot to the uninitiated tongue. An abundance of vegetables, fish, pork, and chicken are the main diet and can be easily found baked or fried in local traditional fashion or in hotel-style cooking.

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