TSPS Students

Who will participate in the TESPIS progam?
The program is set up for two types of students: “visiting” and “local”. Visiting students will be international and come from a variety of countries, whereas local students will be Indonesian. Visiting students are required to take at a minimum of three courses while participating in the program. Thus, they can take three, four, or five courses. The special program diploma is, however, only granted to students who complete all five courses. Official transcripts will, of course, be made available to all students who take courses.

Local students can be involved in the program at three levels: taking some of the courses and twinning with a visiting student, just taking some of the courses, or as a volunteer host. The intent is to have the entire program cohort function as an integrated group, with all parties benefitting. Having close contact with same-age local students will help the visitors to get used to the study and social situation, and to access local information easily. It will also facilitate language skill transfer in both directions. The volunteer host student simply agrees to introduce one or more visitors to some aspect of the local culture and language.

Twinning with another student means that you will share accommodations etc. Thus, it is very similar to having a traditional “roommate” who is in the same program as you. Twinning is an option that visiting students can select. If you select to twin, the program administrator will attempt to find a suitable twin for you, and put you in contact.