The Research Institute

The Research Institute functions as a center to promote and assist on-going , and follow-up research projects in part or in whole whether national or international in nature. 

The Research Institute’s centers 

• Environmental and Natural Resources • Demography and Human Resources 

• Industrial Technology and Trade • Coastal and Small Islands 

• Public Policy and Regional Autonomy • Women’s Studies 

• Regional Development and Spatial Use 

Community Service  Institute

This institute focuses on any identified local service needs requiring improvement. 

Six areas of immediate concern 

• Management and Development of KKN (Community Development Programs) 

• Education and Service for the Community 

• Application and Dissemination of Research Projects 

• Law Advocacy 

• Training and Development for Small Enterprises and Co-operatives 

• Business Consultation Clinic 

Educational Training and Development Institute 

This Institute for Educational Training and Development focuses on the development of new, and the improvement of existing, educational personnel, curriculum, administrations, management, guidance counseling, all of whom can be certified in any of these areas. 

Areas of concerned development 

• Instructional Activities • Practical,Experiential, and Experimental Learning 

• University Management and Administration • Guidanceand Counseling 

• Educational Psychology