Faculty of Engineering

The Faculty of Engineering has one of the largest student enrollments at UNSRAT in both the

graduate and undergraduate schools.

Study programs:

  • • Civil engineering
  • • Urban and Regional Planning
  • • Mechanical Engineering
  • • Architecture
  • • Electric Engineering

On-going collaborative research in all fields.  Research interest in the field of civil engineering covers a wide range of civil engineering issues including:

  • Structural and Material Engineering
  • Geotechnics and Soil Mechanics,
  • Engineering Construction Management.
  • Transportation Engineering,
  • Water Resource Engineering, and

Architecture research covers:

  • Architectural Designs: Methods, History, and Theory
  • Landscape Architecture
  • City and Residential Planning
  • The Balance of Science, Structure and Technology

Other research:
The Faculty has developed research in:

•Electrical and Informatics Engineering  •Engine Design and Construction

•Computing Engineering  •Control Engineering

•Energy Conversion   •Material and Production Engineering

Lab Facilities:

Civil Engineering:
Structure and materials Lab; Transportation Lab; Soil Mechanics Lab; Surveying Lab; Hydraulics Lab.

City and Residential Lab; Science and Technology Lab; Computer Aided Design Lab; Architecture Studio.

Electric and Informatics Engineering:
Electric Power Engineering Lab; Electronics and Instrumentation Lab; Computing Engineering Lab; Engineering Control Lab.

Mechanical Engineering:
​Mechanical Engineering Lab; Basic Engine Lab; Manufacture Lab.